Presently our eating habits have an excess of saturated fats, cholesterol, salt and other refined products like processed sugar and flours; canned goods with preservatives,contaminated with traces of fertilizers, pesticides, medicines or drug like antibiotics, hormones and others; stimulants like coffee, nicotine, alcohol, likewise we breathe contemned air with pollution and cigarette smoke and we also in our modern society we do not have time to chew our food as well as we should. 

Based on these facts, firmly believes that our society needs products that generate a positive change in our quality of life in people and their pets. 

Scientific evidence grows daily the importance of these substances in our diet, we have come to the conclusion that quality and purity is fundamental for good results that is why we have verified the entire process of all our products, we are certain that our products has higher quality and produces better benefits that any other product in the market.